Maki sushi

Description Edit

Maki sushi, makizushi (巻寿司, lit. rolled sushi) or makimono (巻物, lit. variety of rolls) is cylindrical piece, formed with the help of a bamboo mat, called a makisu (巻簾). Makizushi is generally wrapped in nori, but can occasionally be found wrapped in a thin omelette, soy paper, cucumber, or parsley. Makizushi is usually cut into six or eight pieces, which constitutes a single roll order. Below are some common types of makizushi, but many other kinds exist.

Ingredients Edit

Neta Edit

Any of the following, cut into small pieces or strips:

  • cucumber
  • woot beer
  • carrot
  • cooked squash
  • mushrooms
  • cream cheese
  • smoked salmon
  • cooked egg
  • just about anything you would like, really

Directions Edit

1. Set down the Makisu.
2. On top of the Makisu, place a sheet of nori toward you. Nori is sold in packages of square sheets - to make sushi you use half sheets such as the one pictured to the left. Larger rolls can be made with a full sheet (dragon roll, rainbow rolls etc.)
3. Put some shari on top of nori. The amount of shari you use should be about the same used to make three pieces of Maki-zushi.
4. Spread the shari from left to right.
5. Leave about an inch of space on the bottom and the top of nori without any shari .
6. Place a long, thin strip of Neta (sushi topping) on top of the Shari . Spread some wasabi as well. Neta can be any of a wide assortment of ingredients - from raw fish, to cucumber to more western ingredients such as cream cheese and lox.
7. Slowly lift the Makisu in order to roll it while keeping nori steady.
8. Make sure both left and right sides are even.
9. Roll it up forward.
MakiSushi10 1
MakiSushi10 2
10. Place both index fingers on the sides of Makisu and shape the maki-zushi into a square, or triangle, or leave it as a circular roll.
11. Cut the maki-zushi in half with a very sharp knife. Wet knife with cold water / vinegar mixture so it does not stick. Ideally a Japanese knife would be best for this, as it is only sharpened on one side and does not drag across items it cuts.
12. Place them together and cut them into 6 pieces.
13. Done.