Usually when you visit a restaurant to order sushi you will get a handy little order sheet and a pencil. The server is expecting you to mark your selections on that sheet. The four basic types of dishes are:

  • Sushi is raw fish over seasoned rice.
  • Sashimi is just slices of raw fish without the rice.
  • Tempura means deep fried.
  • Rolls are generally made with seaweed or a thin omelet.
  • Nigiri is fish pressed onto rice mounds.
  • Maki are sushi rolls wrapped in nori seaweed, and sliced.
  • Temaki are hand-rolled seaweed cones containing rice and fish.

How to OrderEdit

  • 1. Start with an order of Edamame, (steamed and salted soybeans served in the shell), seaweed salad, or miso soup.
  • 2. Ask about the catch of the day, since sushi-grade fish is especially sensitive to seasonal changes.
  • 3. Keep in mind that an average person eats 10 to 12 pieces in one sitting. Nigiri usually comes two pieces to the order; maki is sliced into six pieces. Begin with a few dishes and order more if people are still hungry.
  • 4. Sushi is served with wasabi (a green, sinus-clearing horseradish paste) and soy sauce. Experiment to see which condiments you prefer.
  • 5. Cleanse your palate between bites with a sip of Green tea or sake.

With these basic tips you can order like an expert.