Hi I'm Fiona Uema, I am insired to create a collection of Japanese recipes from my kitchen in Ireland. Some of my recipes are traditional Japanese recipes that I learned from Japanese housewives during the 3 years that I lived in the countryside of Japan.

Since I returned to Ireland I love to experiment with food and create new recipes that fuse Japanese and Western flavours. The recipes that I create  are every day dishes that I cook for my family at home so they are generally practical and easy to follow once you have the necessary store cupboard ingredients.

My blog is; I write here and on my blog in my spare time and all the photos are taken by either my husband or I. You'll find snippets of information on Japan and its culture in some of my posts. I'd love to hear from you. If my recipes work for you or if you have any special requests. All views here and on my blog are my own. All restaurant reviews are written without the knowledge of the restaurant unless I state otherwise. If you'd like to attend one of my basic Japanese cooking at home and sushi classes please email me directly - Please feel free to contact me with any other queries at this email address.

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