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Hola sushi fanatics and fellow members of the Sushi Brigade. One Portland, Oregon restaurant entitled Bamboo Sushi is claiming to be the most sustainable sushi restaurant in America. Bamboo Sushi is headed by Kristofer Lofgren. Lofgren, however, makes extreme efforts to back up these claims. According to Lofgren, "we feel it’s our jobs to make sure we have a positive impact."

Lofgren has many awards to back up his claims. His restaurant is rated a 4.5 "blue fish" on the site Fish 2 Fork. Only two other restaurants in the world can also support this claim. Lofgren also has received rewards from the Marine Stewardship Council and the Green Restaurant Association, and operates as a certified B-Corporation.

Lofgren wants to go one step further and this is why Bamboo Sushi is preparing to buy their first marine protected area. It will be almost 405,000 acres in the Bahamas. Lofgren is already searching to buy another marine protected area closer to Oregon.

It's nice to see restaurants who are not only having extreme success by providing some great sushi, but also restaurants who are dedicated to the environment as much as Lofgren and his team at Bamboo Sushi are. Do you typically find yourself supporting restaurants who care about the environment more?


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