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Dear Sushi:

It's been really nice to get to know you. Sure, it was a struggle at first to learn all about your Sushi Etiquette and culture. Then we hit that sweet spot where we were a new couple, full of laughs and fun. I enjoyed you and you enjoyed me. Unfortunately like most of my other relationships, I am sorry to say that we are now going to have to go our separate ways. And yes, it is because of someone else - I have given my heart to the delicious oysters.

It seems that many people have decided to also join me in ending their sushi relationships. According to a report by Larry Olmsted at Forbes, oysters are back in restaurants throughout the nature in a big way. As Olmsted travels throughout the nation he constantly keeps finding oysters at restaurants. He believes that this new oyster revival perhaps originated with one man, Daniel Boulud. This fame chef has been making his signature oyster dishes in restaurants throughout the country. He gets his oysters from the Island Creek Oyster Company

What are your opinions on oysters? Are you interested in getting in on this new bandwagon?